ISITRAP is the functional but above all ECOLOGICAL and NATURAL
solution in order to catch flies without introducing in the environment harmful substances!

Flies are often a real nuisance, above all during open air activities or when you deal with different kinds of farm animals and cultivations. We usually spray in a desperate way really toxic products in the air, on our skin and on the one of our children.
The custom to use these chemical insecticides makes these insects more and more resistant and they intoxicate the surrounding environment; in this way instead of acting in a useful way we just get negative results.

So, how to keep away these insects respecting and defending the surrounding environment?
The answer is ISITRAP!

This modern and ecological equipment, thanks to the combination of a container studied with specific cones in order to guarantee an optimal ventilation, combined with eco-compatibles and not toxic prepared, represents the solution for the future to win the fight against the insects.
The combination of quality, effectiveness, aesthetic research and eco-compatibility allows to optimize the placement of the traps, guaranteeing an optimal environmental security and an efficient fight against the insects.
The aesthetic research makes the trap good looking, allowing its use in every location, such as the open air coffee shops, the home balcony, during a dinner in the garden and even in the farm animals.